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Vintage Ceramic Light Up Christmas Tree
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Vintage Ceramic Light Up Christmas Tree

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Over the holidays, I picked up this Ceramic light up tree at the local Senior Thrift Center. It came complete with all the working parts and an extra bag of the glass lights. When I got home, I plugged her in and set her up in our TV room on a shelf. When my husband arrived home from work, he noticed the tree right away and absolutely "loved it" stating that it was just like the ceramic light up tree his maternal Grandmother had when he was growing up. He immediately called his mother and asked her to look through the attic to see if they still had "Grandma's tree". Well, still waiting on that but either way, my husband loved my find and it reminds him of his Grandmother:)



Ephrata, WA
United States

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Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage

I used to have one of these and I so regret getting rid of it!


Yeah, my husband is still bugging his mom to try and find the trees from his grandmother. Hopefully they didn't get dumped at some point!


I have a vintage pink one, that I love to pull out every Christmas, the white "lights" are missing and I hope to find some for it but until then, I plug it anyway and it shines out of the holes and looks pretty and fun! Great find!


Thanks Karey! Have you tried eBay or Etsy yet? I bet you could find the lights that you need:)


I found a white one last year at a garage sale $10, it is one of my favorite thing to bring out for Christmas!


Oh that is great Casey!

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