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Old Hutch
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Old Hutch

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Every year in a town named Allentown NJ that is about 35 minutes from me, this woman Pat has a yard sale at her home under a tent. Where I live there are not many people into vintage decor so it's hard to come by unless I go to an antique sale or make a trip up to Lancaster Pa. So when I saw her add through Craigslist in the garage sale section that said not your typical yard sale and she listed the items, I ran up there. She usually has a few sales throughout yard sale season. She had this hutch that she said she had in her garage for a while. I didn't intend on buying something like this and only had my little honda on me so I had to call my husband to come up with the truck and of course he wasn't to thrilled lol but when I saw it and she said it was $40 I had to buy it. I love this hutch. I was going to paint it but haven't had the heart to yet. Not sure if I want to or not anymore. I wound up getting a few things from her. She had good prices for the stuff she had.



Englishtown , New Jersey
United States

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Gennie, what a fun story! I love it unpainted. :)


Thank you Serena! I think I'm going to leave it unpainted, get Briwax and shine it up a bit. My Favorite Find is great! What makes these finds more special are the stories that go with them. I am really loving this. Thank you for creating this! :)


I really like your cabinet. Not too big!


Thanks Kathy! It really is a perfect size and fit just right in that spot.


Ooooo, it's a real beauty!

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