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1960's Hospital Medical Cabinet
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1960's Hospital Medical Cabinet

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Somebody apparently got tired of storing this medical cabinet from Palm Beach Gardens Community Hospital, now known as Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center, and put it out to the road for the trash men. (I understand; I've been tempted to do the same with treasures of my own a time or two.)

It was discovered in front of a house in a neighborhood in Palm Beach Gardens by my adventurous friend, Lynette, who was probably wearing heels at the time. She rescued it before the trash men could get it. She knew I'd swoon over it. (No, you can't have my friend.)

The cabinet likely dates back to when the hospital first opened in the late 60's.This cool metal and glass cabinet from the time of my childhood still has the descriptive content labels on the doors. I've scrubbed and steel-wooled and elbow-greased it into shape. It is the current home for colorful fabric and jars of necessary incidentals, despite what those labels say.

This piece of the past now resides in my Florida Room.



Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
United States

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Very cool vintage piece and you can't beat free! Great score!


What a great find!


I'd love to see the after shot where you have it and how it looks now! Before and Afters are the best!

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