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Lots of Locks
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Lots of Locks

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I asked about a big box of old padlocks I saw out in the yard at an Estate Sale. The box was marked $25.00 - Must Take All. I saw a couple that I wanted to pick, so I asked if the padlocks were all or nothing or....and ended it in an open aired question. When I asked, they said that several people had already bought a few out of the box. "What would you give me for them?" one of them asked. Well, I don't like to do that, so I just said, I "Oh, wouldn't even know what to offer, I just wanted a couple of them." At this point, I was still holding a ten dollar bill out to pay for my $4.50 purchase. The lady looked at my hand and said, "Give me that and take them with you." I believe I then shouted out "WOO-HOO, Thank you and I love you Ladies" as I ran to collect my box of locks! There are 45 locks in all - some dating back to 1902. Note the one with a bunny on it - that's my favorite! This was in Topeka, KS and I had to squeeze them into my suitcase to get them home!



Farmington, AR
United States

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