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1964 Shasta Compact Trailer
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1964 Shasta Compact Trailer

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The Story

My 1964 Vintage Shasta Compact Travel Trailer I Won on EBay Six Years Ago..the fact that I did not own a Truck to go pick it up did not detour me ,...Nope, not this gal, I borrowed one from a neighbor...and home she came. I made it my
"Tin Can Cottage" on Wheels I love to Go Glamping whenever I can. It is truly my Favorite, Vintage Find.

Fairfield, Ohio
United States

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I love it !! Looks great and fun too..


Great find! Love the name!


I went looking for these trailers online the other day and saw your story. Brings back such memories and looks like fun!

Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage

Good for you! This is one of my dreams although my hubs doesn't quite "get it".


What a wonderful story. I will have to show your find to my husband next time he says I'm wasting my time on e Bay.


Love,love,love it! Happy Glamping!


oh so jealous!! one of these little beauties is on my bucket list.


I love this...I would make such a sweet retreat for out of town visitors.


Love it! I would love to have a green one. Maybe one of these days I'll stumble upon one.


i so love searching for these and truly want one~ since this is vintage from my year of birth~ this may be the one i need, i love it!!!!!

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