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German enamelware lidded canisters with leather straps
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German enamelware lidded canisters with leather straps

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Found this set of three small enamel canisters at a fabulous antique market in Utrecht, the Netherlands, this past March.

Sadly, I don't really know what they were used for... they have a metal lid and a leather strap to keep the lid on. Maybe tiny lunch pails? Or part of a picnic basket? If anyone knows, please share!

In case it helps, they're marked "Germany" on the bottom and while I lived there for 6 years growing up, that hasn't helped me figure out the original use of these ;)
I love the white enamel with gold pin striping and debated whether or not to even list them in my Etsy shop (but in the end, I did: atticantics.etsy.com)

Utrecht, Utrecht

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