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Vintage Feedsack Turtle Quilt
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Vintage Feedsack Turtle Quilt

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I found this great old vintage quilt made of feedsacks at my favorite "little old lady thrift". You know what I mean - little old ladies price things in odd amounts like 65¢ and they still sell things like cardboard egg cartons and plastic tubs. I dug this quilt out from the bottom of some old fabric scraps. I didn't even look at the pattern because it was rolled up with a piece of tape around it. But, I could tell it was feedsacks and $6.00 was a deal. When I paid, the little old lady behind the register said, "SIX DOLLARS! I didn't know we ever sold anything for THAT much!" Between that story and discovering these fabulous turtles, this quilt is one of my favorite finds.



Farmington, Arkansas
United States

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I have a quilt like this but needs to be repaired in a few places. What a Great deal!


if you ever want to sell let me know!

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