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"Enough Vintage Lockers to start my own little School"

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When one of our local Highschool's was being demo'd, I had the opportunity to accumulate enough lockers as my "Mr Souers" called, to "start my own little school". Lockers are the "bomb", perfect to add to a bathroom to hold towels, for a children's rooms to hold coats and goods and oh so much more.... Very industrial and hip.


"sweat and muscle"

Yakima, WA
United States

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Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage

Brings back memories of the lockers I painted for my boys' first year of home schooling.


Great find...they'd be great to use in so many ways!


A thousand memories reside in a gym locker. I'm sure you'll make even more with these to add to the collection.


I'm still regretting that I didn't pull these out of a dumpster in Duluth one day.

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